Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why should you consider Discover?

 The biggest issue I have with credit card companies these days is the customer service.  Well, this goes for most of the businesses I have come in contact with over the last 5 years.  It seems that the customer service department is non-existent for most companies.  However, when it comes to credit cards Discover cards do have one of the best customer services.  Well, at least it is in the United States.  

I remember back when I was in college, I wanted to find a credit card that would have rewards that I could earn from purchasing gas.  One day I received a credit card flyer offer in the mail.  It had wonderful rewards, no annual fee, and 0% APR for 12 months.  Well I had a couple questions that didn't seem to be presented on the flyer, and so I called them. This is about how the conversation went:

Representative: Heayoh, mah nam iz Rahymon, how may I healp oo tooday? 

Me: Hi, I was wondering if I could get more details about the credit card offer that you sent me in the mail.

Representative: Ahh berry gud, what are yoias fkdjid fifosua fldkj (Basically I have no idea what he said)

Me:  I'm sorry can you repeat that?

Representative:  what are yoias fkdjid fifosua fldkj

So I hung up and tried again in hopes that I would find somebody that I could at least understand.  Again, I got a person on the line that I could understand for about the first 3 sentences and then I had no clue what they were saying.  I thought to myself, thank goodness I had questions, I cannot image having a credit card issue and getting Rahymon on the phone.  I am pretty sure that I would only become more frustrated.

Make sure you test the waters of the customer service department prior to jumping feet first into the deep end.  I have still fallen into traps were the customer service was almost non-existent but at least it was not a credit card "relationship".

And that is why I like Discover Credit Cards.

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