Sunday, May 12, 2013

Refinancing to Avoid Interest

A couple years out of college, I had accumulated more credit card debt than I was able to pay off.  If you are in the same situation I strongly suggest trying to refinance either your car or your home and roll the debt or part of the debt into the loan.  Often times the interest rate will be lower and setting a monthly amount that has a nearby ending date also helps.  Once, you have successfully refinanced NEVER DO IT AGAIN

It is so easy to fall in to the same song and dance.  If you don't start to manage your finances better, you will find yourself with the same debt problems in the following years.  Going right back to where you started.

You may want to talk with an accountant or watch a money guru talk show.  The most important thing to learn is how to take control of your bad habits and learn how to not spend more than you make.  Emergencies are one thing, but, it is the first time that you use the "emergency" credit card for a non-emergency that can start you straight down the wrong path.

I know that habits are hard to break, but, this one needs to be stopped before it takes over your life.

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