Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scam Alert

by Tara Lynn

A new scam is becoming increasingly popular through the USA and Canada.  The scam is done mostly over the phone, but, has also been reported to come right to the front door. 

The caller will claim that they are calling from a utility company (water, electric, gas).  They will inform you that you are behind on payment and that if you don't pay soon, they will cut off your service.  The person on the phone will try to convince you that you need to pay with a prepaid debit card.  To a scammers a prepaid debit card is like handing them cash.  It requires no verification or ID check to use.

If someone comes to your door claiming that they are from a utility company, ask for identification.  You may even want to call the utility company and ask if they have sent someone out to your house, before letting them in or giving them any information.

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